Elite 8 Bank Product

Convenient Solutions For Your Tax Preparation Business

Build strong relationships with your clients and add a professional touch to your services by offering convenient ways to receive tax refunds. Create a loyal customer base with the help of Elite 8 TaxPro Solutions, and take your preparation business to a new level!

Issue Refunds With Personalized Cards or Checks

We have contracts with leading banks across the country, and our affiliates are able to print refund checks on-site, eliminating the familiar wait time and struggle. You now also have the ability to apply your customer’s refund to a debit card with you can provide without having to await approval! Streamlining the refund process helps you stand out in the market, and win over customers with a completely hassle-free experience. These benefits are available at no cost to your clients, and allow you to boost your professional image when filing and issuing refunds.

Interested In Becoming A Professional Preparer?

Preparing income taxes professionally is surprisingly easy, and remarkably lucrative, especially with elite 8 TaxPro Solutions as your partner. If you haven’t already, take a moment to see how we can help get you started with your own tax business. Like what you see? Send us a note for even more information, and find out just how simple we can make getting started!